Project Hermes: Let’s hack the Ocean!

“To know, to love, to protect”

Jacques-Yves Cousteau

Thank you to all the early donors and enthusiastic Thunderclap supporters! During our very short pre-crowdfunding campaign, we raised over $4,500 and reached more than 2.7 million people!

Please note that from September 2, we are for 60 days running two simultaneous crowdfunding campaigns: an international and a Dutch one.

If you would like to donate to our international campaign, please click here.

If you would like to contribute to our Dutch campaign, please click here.

Both campaigns are working in synergy to help us achieve our ambitious goal to take the temperature of the ocean. Literally.

Thank you for your support! Join us. Let's hack the Ocean!

“In full truth, we are partners to the fish, the snail, the crab, the grasses that grow in secret places beyond our sight. Upon their survival, hangs our own.”

Jacques-Yves Cousteau

Thanks to all our donors below!

We've already raised €4,160.00!

  • Philippe Valdois
  • Max Friess
  • Olivier Saut
  • Wiggo Eriksen
  • Sandra Kropa
  • Jeremy Kemp
  • John Rossant
  • Julien Blanchet
  • Michael Garin
  • Suzie Smith
  • Glo
  • Recker
  • Laussinotte
  • Catherine
  • Georg Zoeller
  • Alban Olivry
  • Buceo Ciesub (Paulino & Marta)
  • Adrian Fernandez
  • Clarisse MORENO
  • Louise
  • Jungwoon Ryu
  • Anthias
  • Simon Banks
  • Bahar Egi
  • Konstantinos Demiropoulos (GoDive Mykonos)
  • Mary Waters
  • BOICHUT Pascal
  • Rene Laufer
  • Sea Star Water Sports Aqaba
  • Atlantis Dive Center Santorini
  • Andy Fischtrom
  • Della Ross
  • Alexander Reichardt And Katharina Bolesch
  • Carla
  • Chris WELCH
  • Denis F Regnier
  • Robert Guinness
  • Guillaume Racine
  • Tero Juola
  • Tuukka Haarni
  • Hilo Ocean Adventures
  • Franck Machu
  • Olivia Meylan